Friday, April 27, 2012

"God Loveth A Cheerful Giver by Margaret Cagle

by Margaret Cagle

Some Christians give for others to see.
They think, "I'm a big giver; just look at me!"
Others will grudgingly tithe their money,
But not one cent over ten percent, Honey!

Some Christians will give while silently crying.
"I might need this money," they may be sighing.
A hand may be trembling as it writes a check.
Giving may make some people a nervous wreck!

Did you ever hear laughter as the plate was passed?
Did you ever see wide smiles as envelopes were cast?
I've never seen Christians bubble with cheer
As they give an offering to Jesus without fear.

God really loves a cheerful giver, I know
Because the Scripture tells me so.
Don't give out of fear; just give out of love,
And you'll please your Heavenly Father above.

God Bless,

Carl and Deb C

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